Association Of B-BBEE Professionals (ABP)


The Association of B-BBEE Professionals (ABP) is an independent national Membership Organisation established to lead the Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Verification Industry as it takes up a vital role in the transformation of the South African economy.

This website serves as a resource for ABP Members, the Verification Industry at large, and for the corporate sector looking for more information on B-BEEE Verification. ABP prides itself on being a valuable tool in the growth of the Verification Industry, and in the advancement and development of B-BBEE good practices in accordance with Government policy.

The amalgamation of Association of BEE Professionals (“ABP”), the National Association of BEE Consultants (“NABC”) and the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (“SAIPA”) has welcomed the merger of the two bodies and has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) with the new institute ABP to participate in their initiatives, to serve the interests of the BEE industry.

NABC is the recognised Members’ body for BEE Consultants, while ABP is the recognised Members’ body for BEE Verification Professionals, and considers the amalgamation to be mutually beneficial, establishing a single point of contact for engagement with the dti, combining its membership to derive economies of scale, align in efforts to professionalise the industry and enhancing the positive impact on transformation and Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment specifically.

The Executive Committees of both organisations have invested considerable time in the last year to engage with the dti to support changes in legislation and the desired clarification around these changes. We believe that a dedicated BEE Industry Body has a significant role to play in the future of BEE in South Africa and it is our desire to continue to serve on the dti’s Joint Technical Committee (“JTC”) in support of the policy.

Why the Amalgamated Body?

  • Re-aligning our position – inclusive not exclusive
  • Important to speak with ONE voice when representing the industry
  • A single Code of Conduct for all industry players – one channel for raising complaints and appeals
  • Standardized qualification criteria and a single CPD programme for all Members
  • Consistent application of the Codes with the same interpretation
  • Unified and intensified engagements with the dti – BEE Custodian
  • Current membership includes BEE Verification Agencies (VAs), Individual BEE Consultants, BEE Consulting Firms, Corporates, Accounting Officers & Auditors

The new ABP

  • All three bodies being represented and forming ONE Industry Body
  • ABP & NABC Members merges into ABP
  • ABP & SAIPA forms a formal working relationship via a MoU
  • Caters for all industry players
    • BEE Verification Professionals – VAs
    • BEE Consulting Professionals – Consultants
    • BEE Practising Professionals – Private and Public experts

The benefits

  • Stabilized market conditions
  • Reputable Professional Body and Members
  • Improved standards of BEE Professionals
  • Certainty of verification outcomes
  • Less points-shopping due to single interpretation
  • Levelled playing field
  • Consistent transformation outcomes
  • Measurable BEE and transformation targets

ABP – professionalizing the industry – raising the bar

  • Catalyst for formal engagement with the dti
  • All three Industry Bodies have been representing their Members on formal structures (separately)
    • the dti’s JTC and other sub-committees
    • the B-BBEE MDP Steering Committee
    • Market industry-related functions and summits (BEE, procurement and transformation conferences)
  • Answered a call by the dti for a single or consolidated professional Industry Body
  • Been working together on professionalizing the industry
  • To date:
    • SAQA application – representing all three bodies under one umbrella (ABP)
    • Application receiving attention by SAQA
    • On-site visit conducted by SAQA on the 24th of June 2015
    • Await the QC team to finalize quality assessment
    • Aiming for September 2015 for formal feedback from SAQA

Contact Person: Maresce de Saldanha

E-mail Address: